African. American. Identity.

You don’t look African. You don’t look American.

Then what do I look like?!

What’s an African supposed to look like anyways? What does an American look like? You’re pretty for an..dark/African/Black…[fill in the blank] girl.

You don’t sound like this or that.

You speak well, you’re so articulate.

You don’t act like us. You don’t act like them.

You talk weird. You don’t dress the same. You don’t dance like us. What are you eating?? You don’t eat the same. You’re so skinny. You’re hair’s too nappy.

Your hair looks pretty when it’s straight. You need to be louder. You don’t have enough of this or that.

You’re too American. You’re too African. You’re too Black.

You’re not African enough. You’re not Black enough. You’re not American enough.

Whatever, these prejudices have nothing to do with me.



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