I don’t fall in love … but I do

Photo by: Hernan Pauccara

As someone who does not (has not) experienced the desire to be in a romantic relationship and has not fallen ‘in love’, I have loved a lot. I love pretty easily actually (I have been told throughout my life).

Love can be experienced in so many ways. There are so many types of love. There is: familial love, friend love, and love for all beings (agape) just to name a few. The beauty about love is there are innumerable ways to experience it and endless ways to express it. Love is not something that has to be clear or overly defined, and it doesn’t really fit neatly into any box. Love is not limited to societal expectations.

Love takes me through a range of emotions and experiences ranging from total joy and elation to the deepest heaviest pain.

Love is complex yet very simple. Love is not limited.



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